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Fabio Said

  • Because I am a trained Brazilian Portuguese translator translator with over 20 years’ experience (first certificate in translation earned in 1993), working full-time and specializing in just a few domains (legal and corporate/financial content) to perfect my craft so that you, the customer, get the best value.
  • Because I am court-certified (for German and Portuguese) by the German courts, who have reviewed my professional qualifications for high quality language services; before obtaining certification, I had to present proof of my qualifications as a professional legal translator.
  • Because I am a member of professional associations for translators and terminologists, the editor of a popular translation blog and the author of a book about professional translation, which reinforces my long-term commitment to professional standards and best practices in the translation industry.
  • Because I am also a speaker of languages (French and Spanish) other than my working languages (English, German and Portuguese), which makes me a better researcher of specialized terms in your documents.

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Professional Experience as a Brazilian Portuguese Translator

  • Freelance translator for English to Brazilian Portuguese since 1993.
    • Working with quality management and industrial engineering content since 1995 and 1993, respectively
    • Working with philosophy and NGO content since 2001 and 1995, respectively
    • Working with financial and marketing (primary working areas) content since 1993
    • Several book translations I did in this language combination have been published in Brazil
  • Freelance translator for German to Brazilian Portuguese since 1999.
    • 1999-2006: Collaboration with sworn translator Osmar Feitoza do Nascimento in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil
    • 2002-2003: Official appointment by the government of Bahia, Brazil, as an ad-hoc sworn translator for German to Portuguese and Portuguese to German, replacing Mr. Feitoza temporarily
    • Both the collaboration and the replacement period enabled me to gather a large terminology background especially in law and business/finance
    • 2012: I was certified by the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, Germany, as a Portuguese to German and German to Portuguese translator
    • Several book translations I did in this language combination have been published in Brazil

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Translator and Language Education

1993 graduate from Colégio Técnico da Fundação José Carvalho, a boarding school in Pojuca-Bahia, Brazil offering high level humanistic and professional education. The four-year, 4,328-hour translation program included:

  • linguistics, morphology, stylistics and phonetics of both English and Portuguese languages
  • Brazilian, American and English literature (14th-20th centuries)
  • practice in specialized translation (industrial engineering, business, tourism/accommodations, mining/mineralogy, IT)
  • practice in literary translation
  • practice in consecutive interpreting
  • compulsory training period as a translator at Cia. Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral, working within the domain of mining and with business correspondence

Languages learned after the initial education as an English-to-Portuguese translator:

  • German at Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia (Brazil) and Goethe-Institut Iserlohn (Germany), currently fluent
  • Spanish at Sociedad Cultural Caballeros de Santiago, in Salvador-Bahia, currently spoken and written at an intermediate level
  • French at Alliance Française Salvador-Bahia, currently spoken and written at an intermediate level

I only work with English and German as source languages, but being a speaker of French and Spanish makes me a better researcher of terminology than most Portuguese translators who work with either German or English as source languages. This means that I can quickly research difficult terms using either French or Spanish as third language for support (but on a specialized level, not the same as people who have only a passing knowledge of such languages), which adds great value to my translation services.

Also after the initial translator education as a translator, I have attended numerous seminars, lectures, conferences and other continuing education opportunities for translators. Learn about the most recent of them by clicking here.

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Professional Affiliations

I am a member of professional associations for translators and terminologists in the US and Germany:

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Hardware / Software

I work on a PC running on 64-bit Windows 7 with 8 GB RAM and a 2.50 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. My office has high speed wireless internet for fast data exchange.

All my translation work is performed with the help of so-called Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) software, i.e. bundled computer programs that assist translators in performing common translation tasks such as terminology control, keeping consistency of style and wording, language quality control etc. This means that all texts I translated in the past are stored on my computer and I can resort to them when searching for terminology and style in current translation projects. This also means that in most cases within my areas of specialization I will NOT be handling documents for the first time: I probably have translated similar texts before and therefore my translations – and my customers – will benefit from the experience I have gathered throughout the years translating the same kind of content.

My primary CAT tool since 2011 is memoQ translator pro, which has great interoperability with other CAT tools. I also use Wordfast for clients that specify this tool. I do NOT use SDL Trados anymore.

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Other Tools

  • Microsoft Office 2010, also Microsoft Office 2003 on a standby computer
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro with digital signature functionality if needed
  • Abbyy Fine Reader 11 (Optical Character Recognition software)
  • state-of-the-art grammar/spell checkers: FLiP, Duden Korrektor
  • various digital dictionaries, including Creifelds Rechtswörterbuch, Alpman Brockhaus Rechtslexikon, Dicionário Editora inglês-Português e Português-inglês, Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus; Merriam-Webster’s 11 Collegiate Dictionary, Dicionário Houaiss da língua portuguesa, Novo Dicionário Eletrônico Aurélio etc.
  • project management and accounting tools
  • various productivity and PC maintenance tools
  • Skype, for instant communication at no cost for you

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